The Ultimate Way To Remove Wrinkles - Face Lifts Vs Wrinkle Removal Cremes

09/13/2015 01:49
An effective anti aging cream can't only outperform a face lift in terms of wrinkle removal, it practically puts the treatment to shame. It's inexpensive, pain-free, and so much less of a bother that you'd have to be out of your mind to consider opting for a surgical face lift when you could just as easily start using a wrinkle-free cream. But, if that isn't enough to sway your mind, let us take a closer look at why anti aging cream really is the smarter choice for someone wanting to get rid of finelines and wrinkles.

Reason 1: Expenses

A face lift, or any other type of cosmetic surgery, is not typically known for it's affordability. Getting a face lift treatment done generally costs thousands of dollars in expenses, yet even then, your results are not at all "guaranteed" to be what you want them to. It's true that they'll show you lots of pictures, successful before and after photos of individuals who've had the procedure, and maybe even a bit of simulated imagery to give you a rough idea of what you "could" look like -- Unfortunately though, none of it will give you an exact portrayal of what you'll really look like after the cosmetic surgery has been completed. So, you are going to spend thousands of dollars for a wrinkle treatment that "could” possibly cause your appearance to worsen? Ask yourself, does that make any sense?

A anti aging creme may cost you thousands of dollars over the span of a decade, yet, it shall never cost that much at any one time. And, as if that wasn't enough already, a face lift is not permanent! What this means is instead of just going once for your procedure and being done with it, you'll need to get 2-3 face lift procedures per year! Do you actually have that kind of money to burn?

Reason 2: Pain VS Painless

When has a anti wrinkle lotion ever caused a great deal of discomfort to your face or body? In all probability, the answer is never, because there are no anti-aging products on the market created to harm or damage your face. This is exactly the case when using a anti aging cream, as it's pain free 100% of the time. Do yourself a favor and compare the pain you'd encounter from a face lift, whether it is during or after the surgery, with the pain you'll experience from applying a anti aging creme each night. Be truthful, which option seems more enjoyable to deal with?

Why choose a face lift, which normally requires the usage of painkillers for days, and in some cases weeks, following the procedure, when you can just use a anti aging creme and naturally rid your face of signs of aging over time?

Reason 3: There Won't Be Any Risks

Have you ever heard a story about a person becoming disfigured after applying a anti aging creme? What about dieing from applying a wrinkle reduction product? No? Well, that is due to the fact it has never, ever happened!

Complications which arise from using a anti-aging cream are incredibly rare, if not non-existent. The most it comes with is a side effect or two -- and that is as long as you use the wrong kind of anti-wrinkle cream! On the other hand, a face lift has numerous possible risks. Even if the cosmetic surgeon is globally renowned for his craft, it doesn't necessarily mean he won't make a oversight or two every now and again. What if he slips up? Instead of having a face clear of wrinkles and finelines, you now have a somewhat deformed left cheek. As opposed to zero finelines around your mouth, you now have a very noticeable scar cutting through your bottom lip.

If the rewards are the same for a anti aging creme as they are for a face lift, why endure all the hazards? Think about it for a moment; would any right-minded person truly put themselves through an invasive, high priced, hassle filled procedure when they can just as easily apply a wrinkle removal cream and be done with lines and wrinkles for good?