Age Reversing Skin Cream - Three Reasons Face Lifts Are A Bad Option

09/13/2015 02:27
An efficient anti aging creme can't only outperform a face lift when it comes to removing wrinkles, it practically puts the treatment procedure to shame. Using a wrinkle free cream is dramatically less costly, it's 100% pain free, and it's a whole lot less of a headache to start treatment; so much so that a person would have to be really desperate to even think about opting for the alternative, which is not only expensive, but complication abundant and far from being hassle free. But, if that isn't enough to sway your mind, let us take a closer look at why anti aging creme really is the smarter choice for someone wanting to get rid of finelines and wrinkles.

Reason 1: Expenses

A face lift, or any other type of cosmetic surgery, is no "affordable" procedure. It will cost thousands of hard earned dollars to have the procedure done, yet even then, results are not at all "guaranteed" to be what you want them to. It's true that they will show you lots of pictures, successful before and after photos of individuals who've had the procedure, and maybe even a bit of simulated imagery to give you a rough idea of what you "could" look like when it is all over -- But unfortunately, none of it will give you a perfect portrayal of what you'll actually look like after the cosmetic surgery has been completed. So, you are going to spend thousands of dollars on a treatment that "could” quite possible cause your appearance to worsen? Seriously, does that make any kind of sense to you?

While a surgical face lift costs 1000s of dollars for only one treatment, a anti aging creme will cost but a tiny fraction of that annually. Apart from that, you should also realize that face lifts are not at all permanent. Should you be really blessed, each face lift might last 8-10 months before you've got to go back and have ANOTHER face lift!

Reason 2: 100% Painless

When have you ever applied a wrinkle cream to your skin and moaned because of the pain pain? Well, unless that cream was made from acid, it's safe to say the answer is NEVER! This is precisely the case with a anti aging creme, as it is pain free 100% of the time. When you compare that painless treatment with the typical discomfort that arises from a face lift, whether it is following or during the procedure, it really is no-brainer.

Why have a treatment which demands pain killers afterward when it is possible to only use a anti wrinkle creme and do away with signs of aging naturally over time?

Reason 3: There Aren't Any Risks

Did you ever hear a tale about a woman becoming disfigured after using a anti aging creme? What about getting killed due to an unexpected complication of anti wrinkle cream use? No? Well, that's simply because it's never happened!

Complications that occur from utilizing a anti aging creme are exceedingly rare, if not non-existent. The only type of "complications" that may occur by using a anti aging cream is a side effect or two; and this will only occur when a person uses the wrong type of anti aging lotion, one that's not formulated with natural ingredients. On the flip side, a face lift has numerous possible complications. Just because a surgeon is widely known for his expertise and great skills, why should that imply he's infallible? What if he makes a mistake and slips up? Rather than a wrinkle free face, you've got a deformed right cheek. Rather than no finelines around your mouth, you now have an easily noticeable scar.

If the benefits are identical for a anti aging cream as they are for a face lift, why suffer through all the dangers? Think about it for a moment; would any right-minded person really put themselves through an unpleasant, overpriced, hassle filled procedure when they can just as easily apply a wrinkle removing cream and be done with lines and wrinkles for good?